Andrea Bianco photographer in Costa Smeralda.

Architectural, Editorial, Fine-Art Photography.

I'm a professional photographer with years of experience in the luxury market. My commercial photography includes Architecture, Luxury Real Estate, Interior Design, Hotels, Art Galleries, glamour & corporate Portraiture, Lifestyle. I shot hundreds of villas and apartments in Porto Cervo and the rest of Costa Smeralda, as well in Porto Rotondo and other locations, including some of the top class properties in these areas.

My works were published on magazines as The Financial Times, Ville & Casali, Vogue Russia, Costa Smeralda Magazine, as well on the product catalogs and websites of the most important international Luxury Real Estate agencies.

Andrea Bianco fotografo Porto Cervo, villa in Costa Smeralda, villa a Porto Cervo Architecture photography and Real Estate photography in Porto Cervo and in Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo, Andrea Bianco Photographer

Luxury Real Estate Photography

Breathtaking villas in Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, stunning gardens, apartments with a precious view on the harbor or over the Pevero Golf course: since years I use my photograpy for enhancing the best qualities of the properties and the genius of the famous Architects who defined the Costa Smeralda style, with the goal of helping the properties achieve their optimal performance on the Real Estate market.

Architectural Photography

Photography based on the understanding of Architecture, capturing the light as it explores the spaces and sculpting the surfaces.

Architecture in Black & White

I think black & white really helps capturing Architecture: working in Costa Smetalda means I am usually required to use color, but I still enjoy shooting black & white from time to time, capturing the shadows and the lights dancing on the structures.

Art galleries

Porto Cervo is home to many art galleries, where artists' creativity enriches tourists' holidays. I often have the luck of shooting these magic and inspiring places, capturing both their interiors and their catalog of art objects on display.

Interior Photography

Living with a view on the unique colors of Costa Smeralda, bedrooms where the sleep is enriched by the sounds and perfumens of this wonderful island. Through my photography I offer you a point of view on some of the most prestious interiors.

Editorial & Lifestyle

I combine my passion for Architecture with that for female beauty and for portrait and lifestyle photography in general. For this reason I often shoot for campaigns, fashion articles, influencers, promotion on social networks, but also corporate and glamor portraiture.

Promotional photography

We live in times when the availability of suggestive and yet accurate photos are essential. No matter if the subject is yachts, luxury cars, commercial activities or catalog photos, I'll put my knowledge, technique and sensibility at your disposal to support your marketing goals.
(Gallery coming soon)

Art Book: Bodies

"Bodies" is the title of the first volume where I collected some nudes I shot with this particular lighting technique. These are shots that arise only from the encounter between the light and the models, without post production or manipulation. The photographs in this volume were taken between 2007 and 2010.

My blog about photography

Some time ago I decided to create a blog and talk about photography: the posts deal with my point of view on some issues concerning my profession, but also, for example, some philosophical photography concepts, reviews of cameras and lenses, tutorials. The blog is in English only.

Lifestyle, Editorial & Fine-Art Photography.

Images are fundamental and serve as a driving force for communication campaigns, sale and rental of properties, promotion of messages and products. With my photography I combine my aesthetic sense and cultural background with the needs of customers, for publications on social media, on websites, on national and international magazines.

Architecture and Real Estate photography in Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo, Andrea Bianco Photographer

Architectural Photography.

I remember when years ago a copy of Pattern Language came into my hands: my love for Architecture began that day. For the first time I glimpsed at the social value of architecture and how it can be mixed with aesthetic. Being a photographer of Real Estate in Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo allows me to interact with wonderful buildings created by brilliant minds such as Jaques & Savin Couëlle, Michele Busiri Vici, Luigi Vietti, Jean Claude Le Suisse, Peter Schneck.

Fotografo di architettura, fotografo a Porto Cervo e in Costa Smeralda e Porto Rotondo, Andrea Bianco Fotografo

Some of my clients.

Realizzazione sito web immobiliare - Immobiliare Brunati Knight Frank - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Realizzazione sito web immobiliare - Porto Cervo Homes - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Realizzazione sito web immobiliare - Lorenzo Immobiliare - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Fotografia immobiliare di lusso - The Sun Secret Collection - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Fotografia immobiliare di lusso - Immobilsarda - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Fotografia immobiliare di lusso - Engel & Völkers Costa Smeralda - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Realizzazione brand identity e campagne marketing - Siddura società agricola - Vino di qualità - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Fotografia galleria d'arte e catalogo - FUMI Gallery - Andrea Bianco Fotografo Fotografia lifestyle e social media - Crime London - Andrea Bianco Fotografo

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