Against AI

I believe there are strong reasons to oppose AI’s involvement in creative works, especially photography. This is a topic that’s very dear to me, and I hope you will also find it interesting and will want to share your opinion about it. I will start with a brief mention of the marketing aspects and then… Continue reading Against AI

Time and knowledge in photography

How much time do we spend trying to emulate film aesthetic? Or trying to copy the style of a photo we saw on social media? How much time do we waste reading reviews for equipment we don’t need and we will surely never buy? How much time watching informative videos that give us no actual… Continue reading Time and knowledge in photography

What makes a good photo

Ansel Adams apparently once noted: “the single most important component to a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” I say apparently because I don’t know where he wrote it or if there is any proof that he said it, so let’s take that with a grain of salt. It is quite a popular quote… Continue reading What makes a good photo