Ricoh GR II Review

The Ricoh GR II –– I’ve been using and loving this camera for years and it’s about time I write about it. I’ll try to avoid the usual review format –– the specifications are everywhere in the web anyway, this is a 3 years old camera after all. I’ll be focusing instead on my direct… Continue reading Ricoh GR II Review

Instagram has no love for photography

The little marvel Inna is using is Pentax Q. The next review for the blog?

Instagram started as a simple mobile app for sharing photographs, optionally applying them some filters inspired by slightly older Hipstamatic app and by Lomography. Once a couple of celebrities started using the app, its huge marketing potential became evident. Facebook bought it and started changing the platform, making it more efficient in terms of advertising.… Continue reading Instagram has no love for photography

Capturing Architecture with an iPhone

I sometimes forget the marvel of having a great quality camera always with me — even better, a camera that features my favorite focal length nonetheless. I’ve always been a fan of 28mm and even if modern iPhones moved closer to a 31mm equivalent I still find them a joy to use. I work as… Continue reading Capturing Architecture with an iPhone

Creatures of our own time.

Did you ever fall for that mellow feeling and ended up saying to yourself  “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times” like in that beautiful song by The Beach Boys? I did, but I ultimately realised that’s just not the case. I was born in 1980. This allowed me to live the actual 80s,… Continue reading Creatures of our own time.