About mirrorless cameras

I started shooting photos long ago — my first camera was a Rolleiflex SL35 ME my parents had collecting dust in a closet. I have few memories of it, and no photos to prove my messing around with it. As a teenager I moved to a compact film Olympus mju2, and from there to a… Continue reading About mirrorless cameras

Random updates

The last post dates back to March 2020 — what happened since then apart from the obvious? Well no, let’s not ignore the obvious. A global pandemic happened and it made us change the way we live and work. I’m lucky enough to say the virus didn’t impact much on my profession. From my point… Continue reading Random updates

The problem with Adobe’s subscription model

I started creating graphics and editing photos long ago, on DOS operating system — using software like Deluxe Paint II, Neopaint and others — moving then to Windows 3.1 quite soon. In these years I could definitely not afford Apple computers — although dreaming of them — I could barely afford a very slow IBM… Continue reading The problem with Adobe’s subscription model