Moscow, June 2016.

About the blog

To keep it short: I started this blog because I am dissatisfied with the social networks and how they changed sharing and reaching knowledge. I think Instagram, Facebook and the rest are mostly using people for receiving contents and personal data, while giving very few in return

So I decided to start a blog, just like I used to have many years ago, and post content about photography — about what photography is to me anyway. Jeanloup Sieff once said that for him photography was a way for experiencing fun. I’ve got to find the exact quote in some book and update this page. I mentioned it because I do subscribe to that notion. For me photography means looking for a feeling of flow — where fun, creativity and experience converge on the magic that is forgetting about the passing of time.

I will post reviews of gear after really using it for work and for passion. I will buy all the equipment I will review. No “first ever hands-on” or “companyX sent me a camera for review” here. No affiliate links. No hidden sponsorships either.

For me photography has a philosophical nature in many ways, and I will try to touch it in the blog. I am a writer and I often see I use photography to go where I can’t reach with words. And vice versa.

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Updated: 13 June 2019

About Andrea Bianco

Italian photographer & concept artist living and working mostly in Costa Smeralda (Sardinia, Italy) and in Moscow (Russian Federation). His commercial photography includes Architecture, interior design, Real Estate luxury properties, hotels, art galleries, landscapes and fineart nude. 

Since the beginning of his photography career he shot hundreds of properties in Costa Smeralda, including some of the highest profile luxury villas. He started his adventure in the Arts as a designer and concept artist and he still loves to work on that when the time schedule allows him, being painting and drawing a big passion in his life.