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Andrea Bianco Photographer. Andrea Bianco Fotografo.
Moscow, June 2016.

About the blog

Internet is all around us and while it could potentially let us share what we do and help us learn new things, we rarely use it that way — most of the time we are the ones being used. Social media need our content and personal data, for free of course — giving us very few in return. Popular photography websites are a little more than promotional showcases for brands and e-commerce giants — their reviews are not meant to keep us informed about something that could solve our problems, they are a way to make us desire to spend money and make their sponsors happy.

To be honest, when I think about photography I don’t picture an Amazon wish-list or Instagram likes. When I do, I think about photographers I admire, about improving my knowledge and improving my interaction with reality.

Photography is a form of expression: the likes circus and the never ending begging for our money have nothing to do with it.

It’s incredible how Google and Facebook worked hard to turn blogging into something old-fashioned, while on the contrary it’s a wonderful concept — that’s why I decided to create a blog and share what I care about.

I will occasionally post reviews of gear but only after really using it for work and for passion — and I will buy all the equipment I will review. No “hands-on review” or “company X sent me this for review”. No affiliate links. No hidden sponsorships.

Photography has a philosophical nature in many ways, and I will try to touch it in the blog. I am a writer and I sometimes use photography to go where I can’t reach with words. And vice versa.

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If you want to know more about why I started the blog, here is the post where I talk about it.

One last thing: I am Italian and I somewhat learned English on my own by using it, so please forgive the mistakes I will surely make!

Updated: 13 June 2019

About Andrea Bianco

I’m a professional photographer with years of experience shooting Luxury Real Estate. My commercial photography includes Architecture, Interior Design, Luxury Real Estate, hotels, art galleries, glamour and corporate portraiture, lifestyle. I shot hundreds of villas in Porto Cervo and the rest of Costa Smeralda, as well as in Porto Rotondo and other locations, including some of the top class properties in these high profile areas.

My works were published on The Financial Times, Ville & Casali, Vogue Russia, Costa Smeralda Magazine and other magazines, as well on the product catalogs and websites of the most important international Luxury Real Estate agencies.