Hosting a Ukrainian refugee family

We are living in terrible times, dear friends. Not much is left but doing what we can for helping each other –– and hoping for reason to win over madness –– empathy over hatred.

I am trying to be useful and so I am hosting a Ukrainian refugee family with a 1 year old baby. I managed helping them escape war and reach Italy 3 weeks ago. I luckily have a little place for them to stay as long as needed –– so now they live in a little country home, where they can enjoy nature and safety, far from the fear of soldiers. Instead of bomb alerts, they listen to sparrows singing –– the Sardinian hawk crosses their sky instead of missiles. Their hearts are heavy under the worries for the friends and family they left there, but at least they are safe. They brought their little cat with them, and it seems he loves this foreign nature.

Providing food, medicines, clothing, electricity, gas, warming, Internet and so on to a whole family is not cheap, especially considering a 1 year old baby is involved. Some kind hearted people in my town helped by giving us some used clothes and child equipment, but there is much more missing and the expenses are many and urgent. I am doing what I can.

Forgive me if I bother you with this uncommon communication. I don’t want to pressure you, I just want to give you the chance of helping them, only if you want and you feel you can afford. Please consider donating and asking other people if they can help too, by sending them the PayPal link or the link to this post.

In the end every little amount counts and I will do my best to manage the funds efficently and get the best out of them.

I will stop the donation campaign as soon as the family can safely go back to their beloved country, and I will give them all the money that won’t eventually be spent at the time.

The end of the donation campaign will be communicated via my newsletter and Twitter account, and this post will probably be archived.

As you know, this blog has no affiliate links and no sponsored content, because I don’t want to monetize my passion for photography. I would never post this request for donations if it wasn’t for a very important reason that has nothing to do with me.

I was conflicted about posting this on the blog, because I don’t want to look as if I am virtue signaling. This post has nothing to do with me. I know I am not an especially good person and I am quite convinced most would do exactly what I am doing if in the same position.

At some point, if they wish and agree, I will create a photo story post with photos taken by them during that terrible traveling experience and by me after they got here in Italy. But the choice is completely up to them, and rightly so.

Thank you for your help and understanding,

UPDATE: Some of you already donated following the newsletter and we are hugely grateful to you. I knew I could count on the generosity of this little community.


  1. For some reason I don’t recieve your newsletter,the only reason I learned of your compassionate actions assisting a Ukrainian family is I was checking your blog and the information was there . Thank you Peter

    1. Hi Peter, thank you very much for your help, it means a lot to me and to my dear guests. I did check now and your email is not in the mailing list, did you receive it in the past? Maybe you can subscribe again? Thank you again very much, greetings from Italy.

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