Micro four thirds and selling regrets

I have bought and sold tens of cameras and lenses: Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, and that’s only for the digital ones. If we look at film, then we can add all kind of soviet made cameras, and then Yashica, Rollei, Olympus, Holga, Diana, AGFA, etc. I never believed in amassing objects, that’s why… Continue reading Micro four thirds and selling regrets

Ricoh GR vs iPhone

One of the common observations regarding the Ricoh GR is that the whole concept of a compact camera seems obsolete — or at least redundant — in an era where we already carry a camera phone in our pockets. The dubt grows as we consider modern smartphones feature good quality cameras, thanks mostly to their… Continue reading Ricoh GR vs iPhone

Becoming a successful photographer

We are constantly proposed ways for becoming successful. YouTube videos, courses, books. The aggressive marketing of these products is a reflection of a great interest into this topic –– becoming successful –– but what is success? And how does it relate to photography? When we think of success, we usuall picture money, luxury, nice clothing,… Continue reading Becoming a successful photographer

YouTubers and the third coming of VERO for photographers

Lately we saw a proliferation of YouTube videos about VERO social network and its role after the decline of Instagram. This happened because Peter McKinnon did a video about it, and many photography channels just copy what the popular ones do — a rushed repetition of each other’s content, editing and aesthetic. The rise of… Continue reading YouTubers and the third coming of VERO for photographers