A journal about photography.

A journal about photography.

I think in the end I wasn’t born at the wrong time — you know, when we fall for this feeling and end up saying to ourselves “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times” like in that beautiful song by The Beach Boys: but is it really so?

I was born in 1980. This allowed me to live the actual 80s, not the Hollywood edulcorated and pseudo nostalgic version that’s so trendy right now. Being born in 1980 I was moving from adolescence to adulthood as Internet appeared and then became so relevant — the same fact also allowed me to start shooting film and then to gradually adopt digital cameras as they evolved. My first digital camera only shot in 640×480 pixels (0.3 megapixels); my first phone with a camera shot in 160×180 pixels (0.03 megapixels).

Photography. It somewhat got mixed with my passion for sketching, drawing, painting, computer graphics. It all comes down to the same urge of creating something — the need of taking what we perceive as reality and turn it into a vision, a memory, a new reality altogether. Photography has to be driven by a need for creation and communication.

I write a lot and over the time I managed to put together a certain amount of notes about photography: I decided to start a new journal and share some of these notes — I hope you will find them useful. Some of my points of view on photography are not very popular among photographers: I tend to have my own opinion about things. Some people are not happy because of such a daring fact.

I hope you will enjoy the content of this journal. I will post ideas, advices, reviews, works in progress, resources and whatever will seem appropriate at the moment.

Don’t stop chasing visions.

See you around.